Kids and Teen Programs

Phoenix Mixed Mixed Martial Arts offers instruction for ages 4 and up.

The skills your child will learn in our specially designed classes will aid them in developing social skills, building self-confidence and esteem, teaching them respect, patience, and concentration which will aid them in academic achievements.

It has been proven that, children who know how to defend themselves usually don't have to, because they carry themselves in a more confident manner, and confidence alone is a deterrent to bullies and outsiders.

The skills your child will learn in our school will help them to become more aware of their surroundings and avoid potentially dangerous situations, wherever they may occur.

In addition to teaching, our instructors serve as positive role models and will aid your child's growth and development towards a positive attitude for life.


When your child is self-confident:
  • Your child believes in him or herself
  • Your child does not feel intimidated
  • Your child will become more focused
  • Your child is comfortable in social settings
  • Your child is more assertive and less aggressive
  • Your child will not be afraid of academic challenges

Give your child the tools necessary to succeed in life. Give them an advantage by enrolling them today in our program.

Phoenix Mixed Martial Arts Kids

The program here at Phoenix Mixed Martial Arts is designed to stimulate the child’s mind as well as their body. Children  come to our program for many different reasons, but the one reason that brings them all together is the desire for self-improvement.

In our school your child will learn Martial Arts  at the level that will give them the ability to defend themselves if necessary and at the same time knowing when to run away  and get home safely. Your child will also will learn: Discipline, Focus , Being a Team Player and  a Leader just to name a few.

The children in our program learn in a stress free environment where fun is the name of the game and only competition is with themselves. We strongly believe that family is the most important component of our lives, that is why we have created a home- like environment  at Phoenix Mixed Martial Arts. We believe teaching  the children about helping each other is the way to learn and grow. This positive attitude is adopted by all of our members, not just the kids.

Your child will learn Kids philosophy which talks about:

Peer pressure





We help improve and develop children as individuals so they can be proud of who they are, where they come from giving them the courage to follow their dreams whatever they may be.

Children who are:
Self-confident will believe in themselves.
Strong- will not be intimidated.
Focused- will excel in school.
Assertive- will not be afraid of any academic challenges.

We are proud of what we do in our school  are grateful to have the opportunity to take part in developing the future of America, our children.


Our school is the only Martial Arts School on the East Coast to offer this type of program. This special curriculum/program will be specifically designed for your child and your child’s special needs.  Your son or daughter will learn in accordance with the regular kids curriculum with everything that the school has to offer in our regular program, just at a different pace that will give them the feeling that they are accomplishing what is being taught. The students in this program will be challenged mentally as well as physically.

LDP Martial Arts will help your child with:
Gross and fine motor skills
Following more then one step directions
Learning how to balance
Personal space

Kid’s philosophy will also be introduced where they will learn about:


Respecting others




Being Kind

As a result, your child will have a better understanding of the world around them. The environment of each class is individual and family oriented. We believe that personal attention to each child is extremely important. Each class creates a family environment among the students. Even though we help them, it is really important that they help each other so they get a sense of connection between each other while moving forward as a class and as a family.

Children in this program will come together having one thing in common which is self-improvement. They will learn in a stress free environment where maximum learning will take place and competition will only be within themselves so they can push individually and arrive to place they never thought imaginable. We are proud of what we do and we are proud to take part in developing the future of America.



153A Jericho Turnpike Mineola, NY 11501
(516) 437-7132

The staff of the World Trade Center Family Center 9/11 Forward wants to thank you and your staff for providing self defense instruction to our children who Lost a parent on 9/11.
The children not only enjoyed the lesson, they gained self confidence and sportsmanship while developing new skills.

Minna Barrett, PHD.
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