- Welcome page and info about our Women's Self Defense Class.
About Us
- Here you can get info about The School, Benefits, Ages 5 to 75, Our Foundation, Phoenix Staff and a portion of our Testimonial.
- Get our General Information about How to Get to the School, complete Address, Phone Number, E-mail and Hours of Operation.
The Arts
- Learn more about The Art, Jeet Kune Do, Kali - The Filipino Martial Arts and Silat - Indonesian & Malaysian.
- Check about our Kids Class, read some Testimonials and kids Facts.
- Watch our Videos and since you are there, you are invite to read our Testimonials.
- Check our vast Gallery of Events, School and Class Pictures. Also check some Testimonials.
Class Schedule
- Check our Updated Schedule, and read a new Testimonial.
News & Events
- Here you can get a look in our Seminars and see our Events.
- A list of links to visit.
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